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Precise and accurate lens development

Are you tired of being provided with lenses that don't quite match your visibility? A.M.S. Ophthalmic Opticians use only the latest in optical technology to provide the most precise lens, specifically for you.


As Gold Star Varilux specialists, we have installed the latest in optical technology, as we believe your eyes deserve to be treated as unique as they are.

Eyecode: treating each lens uniquely

Until now you have had access to an array of high quality lenses, unfortunately none that take into account just how unique your eyes are. With the exciting Eyecode data, we can now customise precise individual lenses, especially for your high complex and varifocal lenses.

Optical precision enhanced

With Essilor's dynamic 3D measurement Eyecode, it is possible for up to 20 different factors to be added to your lens calculations. Resulting in a lens five times more optically precise, giving you much more enhanced vision with your specs.

Request your personalised 3D diagnosis with VISIOFFICE

Purley Clinic: 020 8660 0472

Worcester Park Clinic: 020 8330 5364

Amazing results with your lens

The results of producing a lens so precise enable you to experience the difference in the levels of clarity, similarly it is said to be like watching a conventional TV, as opposed to a High Definition screen, so the difference can be seen and felt.

Providing you with unique and accurate lenses designed to match your eyes and their needs

Unique eye treatment that matches your eyes

Several scientific studies show that no two eyes are the same, anywhere in the world. Besides your prescription, numerous factors contribute to make each eye what it is, including physiology, anatomy and mobility.


Just like you, your eyes are completely unique and they deserve to be treated as such.

Comfortable and precise eye testing

30 seconds to understand your eyes - Your head posture and eye movements are filmed and analysed in perfect harmony with your natural behaviour.


100% Non-invasive - there is no physical contact with your eyes at all during the examination.


100% precision - This new and patented digital measurement is extremely accurate

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