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Child eye care with a smile

Is your child squinting often? Maybe they are complaining of headache problems when viewing visual screens? Arrange an eye test with our friendly and caring optometrists and we can provide an accurate diagnosis.


Should your child then need eyewear, we have a range of superb glasses, including a free selected range with NHS entitlements.

FREE eye examinations

Does your child require an eye test? Then visit our friendly optometrists for a free eye test for all children under 18 years of age, complete with a friendly discussion on your child's eye care and diagnosis.

FREE lenses and frames

If you need new glasses for your child then you can find a wide range of free frames and lenses under the NHS Voucher scheme. We also stock a vast selection of fashionable young frames to suit all ages, budgets and styles in our affordable range.

You will be encouraged to take part in the eye test and ask questions about your child's vision. We ensure that our friendly members of staff and environment makes the occasion fun and interesting, both for parents and the child.

Call to arrange a free eye test for your child today.

Purley Clinic: 020 8660 0472

Worcester Park Clinic: 020 8330 5364

Accredited practitioners in child vision

We offer extensive advice as to the recommended type of lenses, coatings and clinical condition for your child. As accredited practitioners under the NHS, we are committed to clinical excellence, time and care, as well as affordable quality to all.

Visit our friendly optometrists for FREE child eye tests and discounted frames and lenses

Noticing your child's vision issues

Your child's vision can change quickly as young eyes develop, that is why we recommend annual examinations. However there are some signs that you should look out for that can indicate a visual problem with your child, such as;


- Excessive blinking

- Squinting

- Peering closely at books and TV

- Bumping into objects

- Poor performance at school


If there are any dyslexic tendencies then overlaying coloured sheets can help enormously, and if you have any doubt we can test to see if their reading ability can be improved by this method.

Important information regarding your child's vision

- One in five school children has an undetected eye


- 80% of a child's learning occurs visually. So if children

 have poor vision they will find it difficult to learn at

 school and reach their full potential. Nor will they

 enjoy everyday childhood activities as much as they  


- Without early treatment vision defects such as lazy

 eye become permanent disabilities, especially if a

 condition is not identified prior to 5 years of age, so

 early screening is essential.

- Regular eye examinations are crucial for your child's

 healthcare and personal development. Interestingly

 the vast proportion of parents are aware of the

 importance of dental care for their children but not

 eye care evaluation and at least 20% of parents are

 unaware of the FREE service provided for children by

 the optometrist. As accredited NHS Practitioners we

 are all too aware of the essential aspects of clinical

 visual assessment.